The Sinclair Lab studies the processes that drive aging and age-related diseases, and works toward discovering methods for slowing down or reversing these processes. Work ranges from dissecting novel pathways and identifying target genes, to assessing small molecules that may slow the pace of aging and increase healthspan. The overarching goal is to establish new biological approaches that can be translated into radically different medicines to promote longer, more productive lives. A focus is on how genetic and epigenetic changes drive aging, common diseases and disorders such as cancer, heart disease, inflammation, neurodegeneration, infertility and diabetes. To advance our studies we use a wide range of genetic, genomic and proteomic tools. In addition we employ several unique mouse models to assess the role of these factors and how well genetic and pharmacological agents may impact them. We are a team with a broad range of skill sets, who work together and complement each other to solve key scientific questions about mammalian biology and human health. Skills in the lab range from enzymology and biochemistry, to genetics, genomics, proteomics and systems biology.

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