Yuancheng Lu

Graduate Student

Yuancheng LuResearch Interest: Partial reprogramming, without changing cellular identity, has great potential for aging reversal and tissue regeneration through epigenetic rejuvenation. The optic nerve is an excellent model to investigate the effects of aging on central nervous system regeneration. In newborn rodents, optic nerves readily extend axons and regenerate after injury. In adults, however, this regenerative capacity is lost, apparently due to epigenetic changes. Whether partial reprogramming can improve axon regeneration is unknown and a non-transgenic method is urgently needed. I have developed an AAV vector system, that can overexpress reprogramming factors under control without detectable leakiness, for achieve this purpose. I am interested in using this method to improve axon regeneration and ameliorate other age-associated tissue degeneration.

Yuancheng is a shareholder in Iduna

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