Datasets that are not available from this web page may not have permission for public posting; please see the relevant paper for how to access the data.
Genotypes of individuals from St. Mary's City Lead Coffin burials analyzed in Recih et al. (Technical Report Dataset) 2016

Genotypes of ancient individuals and fully public Affymetrix Human Origins present-day individuals analyzed in Lazaridis et al. Nature 2016

Genotypes of individuals analyzed in Fu et al. Nature 2016
Genotypes of 230 ancient individuals analyzed in Mathieson et al. Nature 2015
Dataset from Neandertal introgression map paper
Fully public genotype dataset (354,212 SNPs) described in Haak et al. Nature 2015

Simons Genome Diversity Project - Complete genomes from more than a hundred diverse populations

Affymetrix Human Origins fully public dataset described in Lazaridis et al. Nature 2014

Affymetrix Human Origins Curated dataset described in Patterson et al. Genetics 2012
Affymetrix Human Origins dataset (Supplement 10) posted to HGDP on August 16 2011
African American Recombination Map described in Hinch et al Nature 2011
African American admixture mapping panels described in Tandon et al. 2011
Cleanly ascertained X vs. autosomes data sets used in Keinan et al. Nature Genetics 2009
DNA sequence alignments and data used in Mallick et al. Genome Research 2009
Panel of 300 European American AIMS described in Price et al. PLoS Genetics 2008
Latino admixture mapping panel of 1,649 markers described in Price et al. AJHG 2007
Cleanly ascertained SNP datasets used in Keinan et al. Nature Genetics 2007
DNA sequence alignments used in Patterson et al. Nature 2006Datasets_files/StMarys.tar.gz

SNP array data from 25 diverse groups from India (Reich et al 2009)