Limb development and skeletal morphogenesis

The vertebrate limb is a classical model for understanding patterning and morphogenesis of the embryo. We have a variety of projects using both the chick and mouse systems to address a range of questions, [...]

Physical forces in gut development

There is an increasing appreciation for the role of physical forces in orchestrating aspects of development. We have been focusing on the chick midgut, where we have uncovered roles for physical forces in coiling as well as in villus formation and stem cell localization. Current efforts address [...]

Cave fish evolution & evolution of human-specific traits

One of the evolutionary systems we currently use involves the comparison of fish adapted to life in caves with their free-swimming river cousins, with whom they are still inter-fertile. [...]

We are investigating the genetic basis for a number of human-specific characters, including our unusual skin (miniaturized hair follicles and expansive sweat glands which together allow efficient theromoregulation through perspiring), [...]