Motoshi Hayano, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Motoshi-HayanoResearch Interest: The people of Japan currently have the longest life expectancy on earth. However, one quarter of the Japanese population is now over 65 years old. By 2025 this number will climb to one third. The cost of growing aging populations around the world creates a great economic burden on society. We believe that through a better understanding of the processes of aging, we can improve the healthspan of these populations and thereby reduce this burden. A long held belief was that aging is at least in part driven by DNA damage and accumulation of mutations. We hypothesize that the leading cause of aging is the change that occurs in the epigenome as a result of the processes involved in the repair of DNA damage. I am using a novel, inducible, accelerated-aging mouse model called “ICE” (for Inducible Changes in the Epigenome) to test this hypothesis. In addition, I use ICE mice and normal aged mice to identify known and novel agents that can reverse or slow epigenetic changes and ultimately aging itself.


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