Neha Garg, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Neha GargResearch Interest: I have been working in the field of aging and metabolism for the past eight years. My research interests focus on combining my background in biochemistry and metabolism to understand the mechanisms underlying metabolic dysfunction during aging and how they eventually lead to age related pathologies. I am particularly interested in studying a specialized group of female stem cells called the oogonial stem cells (OSCs) that are particularly suited to serve as a model of age-related infertility in women. Female fertility declines drastically beyond the age of 37, and this decline is associated with serious adverse side effects such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Stem cell function, and therefore egg production, declines in the process of reproductive aging and is therefore a primary indicator of reproductive health. By examining the aging mechanisms in OSCs, we can evaluate treatments for slowing or reversing age-related infertility. Furthermore, we can use these cells as a platform to screen pharmacological molecules that by improving mitochondrial function can improve fertility.


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