Michael Bonkowski, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Michael BonkowskiResearch Interest: Formally I am trained as a pharmacologist, physiologist, and animal scientist. My research goal is to advance our understanding of the links between metabolism, reproduction, aging and age-associated diseases. My research efforts are currently focused on the role of nutrient sensors’ regulation of endocrine signaling and aging in mice. I am also working on direct and indirect ways to drive activity of these nutrient sensors using dietary manipulations, small molecules or chemical treatments. Although I am constantly learning new techniques and skills, some of my areas of expertise include animal physiology, genetics, glucose and insulin homeostasis, metabolism, assay development, protein biochemistry and transmission electron microscopy imaging.

Michael is an employee of MetroBiotech, an EdenRoc company and a shareholder in:
Animal Biosciences, a Life Biosciences company
MetroBiotech, an EdenRoc company


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