Bioinformatically designed complex oligonucleotide probe sets for FISH

Welcome to the Oligopaints website! Here, you will find database files listing the genomic locations of Oligopaints probes in the C. elegans (ce6), Drosophila (dm3), Arabidopsis (tair10), mouse (mm9), and human (hg19) genomes. We also provide a suite of python scripts for working with these files and a guide that explains how the scripts work in detail. Finally, there are protocols to guide you through the synthesis of an Oligopaints probe set once you have designed and ordered your oligo library. Check back periodically for database and protocol updates. Happy FISHing!!


Please check out our New Manuscript that describes super-resolution DNA FISH and homologous chromosome specific FISH with Oligopaints!

Our 2012 manuscript can be found here

 And our Current Protocol in Molecular Biology here 
(Open-access version here) 


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Contact: twu@genetics.med.harvard.edu




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