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Connie Cepko

Retinal Development

The mechanisms that cells use when they choose their fate during the development of the central nervous system is the main problem under study in our lab

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Gene therapy to preserve vision

There are >500 human disease genes that lead to the loss of vision, with many of them directly affecting the photoreceptors. We are developing a generic gene therapy that can prolong the survival and function of photoreceptors in retinitis pigmentosa, with the hope that this approach will be independent of the type of disease gene.

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Development of Tools

We are developing methods that allow one to use GFP to manipulate biological activities in vivo, leveraging the expression patterns of GFP in the large number of strains of transgenic mice and zebrafish. We are also developing vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) as a transsynaptic tracer, to map circuits across a wide spectrum of animal models.

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